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Your Hourly COVID-19 News Feed - Drill Down by Source: All    BBC    Hacker News

Date Title
2020-07-12 Women's Roller Derby Has a Plan for Covid, and It Kicks Ass
2020-07-12 Coronavirus: Thousands protest in Israel over handling of economy

Thousands have rallied against what they say is hardship caused by the mishandling of the crisis.

2020-07-11 CDC director: Keeping schools closed greater health threat to children reopening
2020-07-11 Coronavirus: Fake cures in Latin America’s deadly outbreak

The desperate search for a cure has led people to 'harmful and ineffective' alternatives online.

2020-07-11 Coronavirus: The chaplains toiling on the frontlines

Spiritual care workers have been thrust onto the frontlines in new ways during this global pandemic.

2020-07-11 Coronavirus: Donald Trump finally wears mask in public

The US president previously said he could not see himself wearing a mask in public.

2020-07-11 How Zoom Won the Market?
2020-07-11 Bill Gates says Covid-19 drugs should go where needed, not ‘the highest bidder’
2020-07-11 Coronavirus: Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan tests positive

The actor, 77, and his son were taken to Mumbai's Nanavati hospital.

2020-07-11 Walt Disney World reopens in Florida amid Covid-19 surge

Visitors are required to wear masks, socially distance and have temperature checks on arrival.

2020-07-11 Fired for calling out Equinox on safety and cutting gym instructors’ pay
2020-07-11 Srebrenica: Scaled-back ceremony marks 25 years since massacre

Restrictions put in place to slow the spread of coronavirus meant fewer dignitaries were able to attend the ceremony.

2020-07-11 Scientists warn of potential wave of Covid-linked brain damage
2020-07-11 A Doctor Who Championed Hand-Washing And Briefly Saved Lives (2015)
2020-07-11 Billionaire Musk's net worth zooms past Warren Buffett's
2020-07-11 Pre-existing immunity to SARS-CoV-2: the knowns and unknowns
2020-07-11 Researchers create air filter that can kill the coronavirus
2020-07-11 Big New Obstacle for Economic Recovery: Child Care Crisis
2020-07-10 Coronavirus: Why politics means success or failure in South America

Argentina has been singled out for success but the situation could not be more different in Brazil.

2020-07-10 Coronavirus: Thrifty Germany takes on debt to rescue arts

Germany pours money into the arts as cultural life takes a battering from coronavirus.

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