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Date Title
2021-04-12 We Must Start Planning for a Permanent Pandemic
2021-04-12 NHS Covid-19 app update blocked for breaking Apple and Google's rules
2021-04-12 Quantum computing’s reproducibility crisis: Majorana fermions
2021-04-12 NHS Covid-19 app update blocked for breaking Apple and Google's rules
2021-04-12 Haridwar: Crowds surging at Kumbh Mela as India overtakes Brazil in Covid cases

Millions are participating in the Kumbh Mela even as India overtakes Brazil in Covid infections.

2021-04-12 Coronavirus vaccine technology is paving the way for a new approach to flu shots
2021-04-11 Chinese Vaccines’ Effectiveness Low
2021-04-11 SARS-CoV-2 RNA reverse-transcribed and integrated into the human genome
2021-04-11 Brain disorders affect 1 in 3 Covid survivors, large UK study shows
2021-04-11 Beach Photos Confuse People About How Covid-19 Spreads
2021-04-11 Inhaled budesonide in the treatment of early Covid-19
2021-04-11 South Korea's dangerous ghost doctors are putting patients' lives at risk
2021-04-11 Fauci ‘not sure’ why Texas doesn’t have Covid uptick after nixing masks
2021-04-11 The Housing Affordability Crisis Migration
2021-04-11 South African variant can break through Pfizer vaccine, Israeli study says
2021-04-11 University of Washington starts 2nd generation Covid-19 vaccine trial
2021-04-11 The Mystery of Breakthrough Covid-19 Infections
2021-04-11 Nearly 40% of U.S. Marines have declined Covid-19 vaccine
2021-04-10 Ecuador picks president under the shadow of Covid

The young left-wing candidate Andrés Arauz faces pro-market former banker Guillermo Lasso.

2021-04-10 Covid: Over 100 Paris restaurant diners fined for violating rules

More than 100 diners at a Paris restaurant are fined and the manager arrested for violating Covid restrictions.

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