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2024-05-16 Kharkiv fighting difficult but under control - Zelensky

Ukraine is halting further Russian advances after suffering its largest territorial loss for 18 months.

2024-05-16 Worry as release of Wuhan blogger remains unclear

Zhang Zhan's condition is unclear several days after her scheduled release from jail.

2024-05-15 Clark suffers defeat on debut with Indiana Fever

Women's basketball star Caitlin Clark loses on her WNBA debut for the Indiana Fever against the Connecticut Sun.

2024-05-14 Israel and Egypt row over reopening Rafah border crossing

Israel says Egypt must reopen the crossing - but Egypt says Israel's military operation there is blocking aid.

2024-05-14 Blinken in Ukraine as US weapons reach front line

America's top diplomat will deliver a message of "strong reassurance... in a difficult moment", a US official says.

2024-05-14 Top doctor cancer-free a year after world-first therapy

Richard Scolyer has undergone a new treatment for glioblastoma, based on his own melanoma research.

2024-05-14 China due to free vlogger who filmed Wuhan lockdown

Zhang Zhan had been in jail for four years for "picking quarrels and provoking trouble".

2024-05-11 Brazil floods drive thousands from their homes

Heavy rains wreak havoc in southern Brazil, leaving many homeless and raising fears of further chaos.

2024-05-09 I want to change sexist Bollywood, says film-maker

Pravesh Kumar says he wants people to ask difficult questions about India's film industry.

2024-05-08 Battles in east Rafah as Israel reopens aid route

Israel says lorries are at Kerem Shalom crossing, but a UN agency says they have not entered Gaza.

2024-05-04 'Student arrests will be my final college memory'

As graduations begin, three students reflect on a college experience bookended by Covid and now campus protests.

2024-05-04 India chief minister arrested over doctored video

The Congress Party official denies doctoring a video featuring India's interior minister.

2024-05-03 Palestinian doctor dies in Israeli prison

Israeli authorities said they were investigating the death of orthopaedic surgeon Dr Adnan Al-Bursh.

2024-05-01 Counter-protesters attack UCLA pro-Palestinian camp

Fireworks and tear gas flew through the air after masked pro-Israeli assailants tore down barricades.

2024-04-29 Migrants hit by high fees to send money home

Sending money across borders, particularly in Africa, can still be expensive.

2024-04-29 How 'vampire facials' infected three women with HIV

The infections, made public by the CDC, raised questions about the safety of cosmetic treatments.

2024-04-28 US doctor describes witnessing starvation in northern Gaza

Dr Sam Attar from Chicago recently returned from Gaza, where the UN is warning of looming famine.

2024-04-28 Australians urge stricter laws on violence against women after spate of killings

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said the issue was a national crisis.

2024-04-26 Fire guts homeless shelter in Brazil killing 10

The blaze erupted in the middle of the night at a guesthouse in Porto Alegre in southern Brazil.

2024-04-26 See images of the Pink Moon spotted across the US

While the moon doesn't look particularly pink, it's named after pink flowers called wild ground phlox.

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