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2022-01-28 Ethiopia civil war: Doctors among those begging for food in Tigray

As the UN sounds the alarm over hunger in northern Ethiopia, a doctor describes what health workers face.

2022-01-28 Ukraine crisis: Don't create panic, Zelensky tells West

President Volodymyr Zelensky says warnings of a Russian invasion are putting the economy at risk.

2022-01-28 Ukraine crisis: US ignored Russia's security concerns, Putin says

The president's comments come after the US rejected Moscow's main demands over Ukraine.

2022-01-28 Fujimono shooting: Japanese doctor killed in rare gun violence

Police arrest a 66-year-old man they say attacked a group of medical workers invited to his home.

2022-01-28 Ukraine crisis: Vladimir Putin's geopolitical jigsaw

Invasion or fear strategy: the Russian leader keeps everyone guessing on his real plans for Ukraine.

2022-01-28 Ukraine crisis: Biden warns Russia may invade next month

Tens of thousands of Russian troops are at Ukraine's border, sparking fears of an invasion.

2022-01-28 Portugal focuses on post-pandemic politics ahead of poll

A snap election has been called on Sunday after the national assembly rejected the government's 2022 draft budget.

2022-01-28 Novak Djokovic: Doubts over timing of Covid test

Mystery of why tennis star’s positive test was out of sequence with other test codes from Serbia.

2022-01-27 Xiomara Castro: Honduras' first female president sworn in

Xiomara Castro has promised sweeping changes but she already faces a political crisis.

2022-01-27 Ukraine crisis: BBC tries to track down official bomb shelters in Kyiv

Ukrainian authorities have mapped out Kyiv's bomb shelters, but can the BBC's Sarah Rainsford find them?

2022-01-27 Ukraine crisis: Nord Stream 2 pipeline could be axed, US warns

Washington threatens to halt a lucrative gas pipeline between Russia and Western Europe.

2022-01-26 Russia Ukraine: US sends Moscow formal response over crisis

The secretary of state says he has offered Russia a serious diplomatic path but will help defend Ukraine.

2022-01-26 Winter Olympics 2022: China eases Covid testing rules amid rise in cases

Organisers lower testing benchmarks while the rest of the city faces harsher Covid restrictions.

2022-01-25 Covid: Netherlands to ease restrictions despite rising case numbers

Dutch hospitality venues, including bars and restaurants, have been closed since 18 December.

2022-01-25 Sir Elton John postpones US shows after positive Covid-19 test

The pandemic has already caused several delays in the 74-year-old musician's final world tour.

2022-01-25 Daily US death toll from Covid now matches Delta

The average number of Covid-19 deaths in the US is roughly on par with that seen during the peak of the Delta variant

2022-01-25 How Covid disinformation has fuelled attacks on Czech doctors

Knowing how to deal with aggressive patients has become even more important during the pandemic.

2022-01-24 Sarah Palin's positive Covid test delays New York Times defamation trial

The former US vice-presidential candidate's lawsuit against The New York Times is delayed till February.

2022-01-24 Affirmative Action: US Supreme Court to hear college racial admissions cases

The Supreme Court will hear challenges to affirmative action admissions processes at Harvard and UNC.

2022-01-24 Vaccine mandates: 'I lost my job for being unvaccinated'

Covid-19 vaccine mandates face stiff resistance in the US, where they are clashing with national ideals of personal freedom.

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