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Date Title
2023-11-30 Former US state secretary Henry Kissinger dies aged 100

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger dies at his home in Connecticut, aged 100

2023-11-28 Pakistan: Woman killed after being seen with man in viral photo

Tribal elders allegedly ordered the killing after the woman appeared in a photo that was doctored.

2023-11-27 Slovenia Covid: Thousands to get lockdown fine refunds

One man fined €400 (£350) for eating a burek pasty outdoors in 2020 will get his money back.

2023-11-27 Kenya abortion: Women go to backstreet clinics amid legal ambiguity

An estimated seven Kenyan women die a day after unsafe abortions even though they are legal in some cases.

2023-11-26 The homeless handyman and the wealthy widow: Love or something darker?

When a drifter moves in with an older rich woman they say they are in love - but a family is torn apart.

2023-11-23 Doctor Who: I rescued Kylie Minogue as David Tennant double

When David Tennant was away, one lookalike extra was in the right place, right time... lord!

2023-11-23 COP28 ‘moment of truth’ for oil industry, says energy boss

The International Energy Agency says the sector must choose between worsening the climate crisis or helping solve it.

2023-11-22 Russian authorities crack down on abortion access amid demographic crisis

Authorities in Russia are aiming to limit abortion access in an effort to boost population growth.

2023-11-21 California man charged in fatal homeless person shooting

Prosecutors say he woke the man while he was sleeping on the sidewalk and killed him after a fight.

2023-11-21 How lockdown inspired fight against period poverty

Inside a project tackling period poverty, with an army of thousands of volunteers across the world.

2023-11-21 Taiwan opposition's doomed shotgun wedding

The candidates seemed on the brink of a deal for January's election but it was over before it began.

2023-11-19 Inside West Bank district under harsh Israeli lockdown since Hamas attack

In the fortified H2 area of Hebron, Palestinian residents are being forced off the street at gunpoint.

2023-11-17 Tanzanian student taken hostage by Hamas confirmed dead

Clemence Felix Mtenga was an agriculture intern in Israel at the time of the Hamas attack.

2023-11-17 Zimbabwe declares state of emergency in Harare over cholera

At least 50 people are said to have died so far with over 7,000 suspected cases.

2023-11-16 BBC goes inside Al-Shifa hospital with the Israeli army

Israeli restrictions meant reporters weren't allowed to speak to doctors or patients at the hospital.

2023-11-16 US Congress averts government shutdown threat with stopgap bill

Congress has passed a stopgap bill, delaying a government funding crisis until the new year.

2023-11-16 PepsiCo sued by New York state for plastic pollution

The lawsuit against the world's second biggest food company is the latest in greenwashing cases against big firms.

2023-11-15 How has Biden and Xi's relationship changed?

From Taiwan to Trump to a spy balloon - a decade of growing tension has shaped these two world leaders.

2023-11-14 Rwanda genocide: Former doctor on trial in France

A former gynaecologist from Rwanda has gone on trial accused of genocide and crimes against humanity.

2023-11-13 Delhi AQI: Can artificial rain fix toxic air in India's capital?

The Delhi government wants to use cloud-seeding to combat the city's pollution crisis.

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